AQAR 2020 - 2021

Criteria I
1.1.3 AC - Skill
Curriculum Analysis of B.Sc.(H) - CS
Curriculum Analysis of BCA
Curriculum Analysis of MCA
Curriculum Analysis of B.Com(H)
Curriculum Analysis of B.Com
1.2.1 AC New Courses
Management Updated Syllabus:
Fashion Design
1.4.1 Feedback Analysis
1.4.1 BoS MoM
Criteria II
2.2.1 Student Diversity
2.2.2 Faculty Students
2.3.1 Action Plan
2.3.3 Mentor
2.3.3. Students Assigned
2.4.1 Teachers
2.4.2 Ph.D. Certificate
2.6.1 COs for all Courses
2.6.2 CO PO Attainment
2.7 Student Satisfaction Survey (2020-21)
Criteria III
Criteria IV
4.2.4 - Library Utilisation - E-Resourse Login
Criteria V
5.1.3 Number of awards / medals
5.3.2 - Student Council
Criteria VI
6.2.1 Planning Board MOM
6.2.2 Employee Hand Book
6.2.3 Payment Details
6.2.3 ScreenShots Of User Interface
6.3.1 Promotion And Increment Policy
6.3.3 Supporting Documents
6.3.4 Supporting Documents
6.4.4 External Audit
6.4.4 Internal Audit
6.5.1 Sample Action Plan
6.5.2 - AAAR 2020-21
6.5.2 Workshops on Quality Issues 20-21
One day online Workshop Art of effective teaching through online mode
One day workshop on Curriculum framework for implementation of NEP 2020
6.5.2 Orientation
Student Orientation
Faculty Orientation
6.5.2-Collaborative quality initiatives-20-21
FDP on Choice Based Credit System Concept, Policy and Practice
Webinar on Outcome-Based Education & Digital Pedagogy
FDP cum Training Program on Urban Disaster Management
6.5.3 Microsoft License
6.5.3 NCC Girls Wing
Criteria VII
7.1.1 Gender Equity
7.1.2 Sources of Energy and Energy Conservation Measures Solar Energy Bio Gas Plant Wheeling to the Grid Sensor Based Energy Conservation Use of LED Bulbs/Power Efficient Equipments
7.1.3 Waste Management Solid Waste Management E-Waste Management
7.1.4 Water Conservation Rain Water Harvesting Borewell Open well Recharge Construction of tanks and Bunds
7.1.5 Green Campus Initiatives Pedistrians Friendly Pathways Ban on Use of Plastic Landscaping with Trees and Plants
7.1.6 Quality Audits
7.1.7 Disabled Friendly / Barrier Free Environment Built Environment with Ramps, Lifts for Easy Access to Classrooms Disabled Friendly Washrooms Signage including tactile path, lights, display boards, and signposts Assistive technology and facilities for persons with disabilities (Divyangian) accessible website, screen-reading software, mechanized equipment Provision for enquiry and information: Human assistance, reader, scribe, soft copies of reading material, screen reading
7.1.8 Institutional efforts/initiatives in providing an inclusive environment
7.1.9 Human Values and Professional Ethics
7.1.11 Events and Festivals

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