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Overview & History

Invertis University, Bareilly is one of the best private universities in India that focuses on holistic life skills, professional development, and high-quality education to produce exceptional students who consistently achieve outstanding academic results.

Through a powerful combination of experiential learning, interactions with industry leaders, exposure to best practices, and inspired teaching from faculty with strong academic credentials, the University provides students with the opportunity to develop mastery of their subject. The programs offered by the university span multiple domains and offer a variety of options.

Overview & Identity Of Invertis University

Invertis University was established in 2010 by an Act issued by the State Government and approved by the University Grants Commission (UGC) from what began as a modest institution in 1998 as the Invertis Institute of Management Studies. In Sept 2021, the college added one more quill to its cap when it was consulted with the esteemed National Assessment and Accreditation Counsil (NAAC) authorization. Invertis University, which is run by the non-profit Uttaranchal Welfare Society, has steadily grown into a well-known educational institution and one of the private universities with the fastest growth rates in the country.

Vision & Mission

To groom professionals of caliber and competence towards qualitative change to society.
  • Provide an enriching, intellectually engaging, and discovery-based learning environment.
  • Provide opportunities for engaging in interdisciplinary research, internships with collaborations within the country and abroad.
  • Participate in community service, academic, cultural, sports, and other events.
  • Conduct capability development programmes to enhance leadership, managerial qualities, professional skills, and commitment towards ethics.

As one of the best private universities in U.P. Invertis University is dedicated to provide its students with academic excellence and cultivating a genuine desire in them to contribute to society through all of their activities and accomplishments. Its primary goal is to instill in its students the right morals and values that will help them become thoughtful, active leaders in their chosen fields and contribute to the nation's development.

Through a stimulating environment that encourages academic curiosity, scientific temper, and experiential learning in students, the university strives to enhance learning experiences. It encourages faculty as well as students to use critical thinking methods to solve problems and work together to find solutions.



With the aim to stimulate cooperation and exchange of knowledge and expertise in academics, research and scientific fields, Invertis University has instituted an International Collaboration Cell (ICC) to coordinate collaboration between Invertis and other reputed foreign Universities and Research Institutions of eminence.

The ICC also manages the International Student and Faculty Exchange Programmes to expose our students and faculty to various global teaching and learning methodologies.

Invertis University’s motto is "Imagine, Innovate, Challenge". This motto reflects our commitment to maintaining a culture of high academic standards, while also inspiring our students to think critically and to explore their passions. We strive to provide an environment of creativity and innovation, where students are encouraged to challenge themselves and push the boundaries of knowledge. Through this commitment, we believe that our students will reach their highest potential and achieve excellence with integrity and confidence.

  • Invertis
    Invertis Believes In Imagination

    If the mind can conceive the heart will believe and the spirit will achieve

  • Invertis
    Invertis Teaches You Innovation

    Innovation is the backbone of a better tomorrow

  • Invertis
    Invertis Teaches To Challenge

    Challenges make you discover things about yourself that you never really knew


  • Quality of

    We provide access to quality education and resources to help our students reach their academic and career goals.

  • Research

    We believe in fostering quality research to further knowledge and understanding in the fields of engineering, science, management, and humanities.

  • Experienced

    Our faculty members are drawn from a variety of educational and professional backgrounds, allowing students to learn from their expertise.

  • Industry and Academic

    We have established strong industry connect with a number of reputed companies and also fostered student exchange programmes with internationally-recognised universities and colleges.

  • Active
    Campus Life

    We offer a variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities such as student clubs, sports, etc. to help students explore their interests, develop their skills, and make everlasting memories.


  • Diversity

    We promote a diverse student body and faculty, allowing students to explore different backgrounds and perspectives.

  • Engagement

    We strive to engage students in their education, by providing opportunities for experiential learning and research.

  • Integrity

    We aim to foster an ethical environment, promoting honesty and responsibility in the classroom, on campus, and all activities and engagements.

  • Inclusion

    Universities strive to create an inclusive environment that welcomes students from all backgrounds, irrespective of caste, faith, race or gender.

  • Sustainability

    We have a deep commitment to sustainability and incorporate environmentally-friendly and sustainable practices and initiatives into all our operations.

  • Innovation

    We embody an ecosystem of creativity and innovation wherein we encourage students, faculty, and staff to explore new ideas and develop innovative solutions to problems.


In keeping with our reputation as the best university in UP, Invertis University adheres to the highest level of work ethic in all its activities. Our work ethics include exhibiting a commitment to excellence, demonstrating a willingness to take initiative and accept responsibility for one’s work, and showing commitment to the university’s mission, values and objectives.

Invertis University’s faculty and staff are expected to maintain a high level of professionalism, respect, and integrity in their day-to-day operations. The University encourages students, faculty and staff to continuously strive for personal and professional growth. It also expects them to adopt an open and fearless attitude to change through their willingness to try new methods and procedures that can serve to improve the quality of life of all sections of society.



Learn more about Invertis University through our informative orientation brochure, “Parichay’. Get to know the people behind the University’s success, the activities that our students are involved in, the achievements that we celebrate and the institutions and organisations that we collaborate and partner with.

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Invertis Village, Delhi Lucknow Highway NH-24, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh - 243 123, India


B-186, Civil Lines, Opposite Bareilly GPO, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh - 243 001, India