Our department has excellent facilities for teaching and research in basic Biology, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Genetic Engineering and Forensic Sciences. We have well furnished classrooms equipped with smart TV, whiteboard and projector etc to make the lectures interesting.

We have a well maintained Central instrumentation facility CIF which is equipped with various instruments. In addition to the , we also have two other well equipped laboratories for microbiological and biotechnological research.

We are having following instruments within our department:


Instruments dedicated to Biotechnology/Microbiology/Molecular Biology/Genetic engineering

Sr.No Instrument Name
1 Agarose Gel Electrophoresis Apparatus
2 Deep Freezer (-20ºC) and Normal Freezers (4ºC)
3 PCR Thermal Cycler
4 Cooling Centrifuge
5 Normal Centrifuge
6 BOD Incubator
7 Light Microscope
8 Fluorescence Microscope
9 ELISA Plate Reader
10 Hot Air Oven
12 Hot Plate
13 Laminar Air Flow Hood
14 Weighing Balance
15 UV Spectrophotometer
16 UV Transilluminator
17 Magnetic Stirrer
18 Haemocytometer
19 Vortex
20 pH Meter
21 Autoclave
22 Rocker Shaker
23 Incubator
24 Waterbath

Instruments dedicated to Forensic Sciences

Sr.No Instrument Name
1 Evidence (Blood) collection Kit.
2 Documentation Kit
3 Fingerprint Kit
4 Impression Kit
5 Skeleton (Original) – Male and Female
6 Anthropometry Kit
7 Air Rifle
8 Air Pistol
9 Pellets (Round Nose)
10 Pellets (Pointed Nose)
11 Pellets (Flat Nose)
12 Pellets (Hollow Nose)
13 Critridge cases
14 Permanent Slides of Human Cells
15 ABO Blood Grouping Kit
16 Human Anti-serum
17 Water Bath
18 Centrifuge (High speed)
19 Vortex Mixer
20 Electrostatis Dust Lifter
21 Forceps/Tweezers
22 Magnifying Glass 10X
23 Compound Microscope
24 Stereo-Microscope
25 Comparison Microscope
26 UV Chamber
27 Ostwald Viscometer
28 Wax
29 Invertis Seal
30 Mechanical Tool Box
31 Dummy (Male and Female)
32 String/Threads (for Evidence Packing)
33 Trajectory Rods

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