Research Overview

Research in the Department of Law focuses on a range of topics related to the legal system, such as constitutional law, criminal law, human rights law, international law, environmental law, corporate law, and legal philosophy. Faculty members and students often collaborate in research projects that address contemporary issues, such as gender law, access to justice, and legal reforms. The department's research also seeks to inform policymaking and help shape legal discourse. The department also conducts research on the use of technology in the legal profession, including the use of online tools for legal research and the use of online dispute resolution systems.

Overview & Identity Of Invertis University
Overview $ Identity Of Invertis University

Area of Research

The Department of Law conducts numerous research projects on issues such as gender, poverty alleviation, human rights, constitutional law, corporate law, criminal law, cyber law, and more. The department also conducts research on the impact of legal systems on vulnerable communities and the role of legal aid in providing legal assistance to the underprivileged. In addition, the department also undertakes research on the effectiveness of the Indian legal system for addressing social and economic issues.

Research Policy

The goal of the Department of Law's research policy is to ensure that its faculty and students are engaged in cutting-edge legal research and teaching, which contributes to the advancement of knowledge in the fields of international, national, and local laws and regulations. The department encourages active engagement with the legal profession and the wider community by enabling faculty members to become involved in legal practice and also seeks to foster a culture of academic excellence.


The Department of Law at Invertis University publishes a variety of scholarly works, including journal articles, conference papers, and books.

Title of Paper Name of the Author/s Name of Journal Year of Publication DOI
An Insight Into Trial by Media Megha Mishra Indian Journal of Law and Legal Research 2022 View More
Forest Fires Alpika Verma White Black Legal Peer Reviewed Law Journal 2021 View More
Seasonal Migration as Livelihood Strategy for Marginalized Communities: Causes & Consequences, Alpika Verma International Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research 2022 View More
Social Action Advocacy: A Means for Development Alpika Verma International Journal of Law Management & Humanities 2023 View More
Copyright Infringement in Digital Era Shikha Shrotriya Edu Care 2020 View More
Online Mediation: The Myths and Reality Shikha Shrotriya AD Valorem 2020 https//
Maternity Benefits as Human Rights: An Appraisal Shikha Shrotriya Civil and Military Law 2021 xxxxxxx
Issues and Challenges of Women Empowerment: An Analytical Approach upur So Nupur Sony The International Manager 2017 NA
Riight o Privacy snd Its Infringement by Media Nupur Sony IJSRE 2017 NA
Consumer Legal Protection: A Critical Study with Reference to Consumer Education Nupur Sony An International Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies 2017 NA
An Analytical Stuudy of the Fundamental Right to Education in India Nupur Sony Quest 2018 10.5958/2249-0035.2017.00031.6
Environment Protection in India:An Overview Anupur Sony Zenith 2018 NA
Social Responsibility of Media in Protection of Human Rights Nuour Sony Adhikar 2019 NA
Maladies and Remedies of Collegium System Nupur Sony AIR 2019 NA
Emerging Trends in Juvenile Justice Dr. Nupur Sony RES Militaris 2023 NA
Credibility of Indian Judicisry vs Contempt Provisions Dr. Nupur Sony ECB Scopus 2023 NA
Right to Erasure and Whatsapp’s Privacy Policy: An Analysis Anu Singh International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 4, Issue 2, Page 524 - 533 2021 View More
Laws Relating To Mobile Tower Radiation In India: An Analysis Anu Singh CALR Journal of Applicable Law & Jurisprudence 2021 View More

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