Rain Water Harvesting

Our campus has a rainwater harvesting system installed in Academic Block 3. Rainwater is collected from rooftop of the building through a pipe which is further connected to the source. Water stored is further channelized for gardening purposes and for recharging the ground water level.

Borewell /Open Well Recharge

Bore water or groundwater is the most common source of water, assessed by drilling the ground and pumping water from the aquifers. An aquifer is a water-holding permeable rock or clay that holds groundwater . It is installed near the workshop of Invertis University.

Construction of Tanks and Bunds

In the campus tanks are constructed in all areas. The storage tanks situated at various locations of the college are pumped with ground water. The overhead storage tanks have the capacity of 5,000 to 6,000 litres.

Waste Water Recycling

The management of waste water within university involves the systematic collection of effluent from diverse sources, encompassing sinks, showers and toilets. This intricate process is crucial in maintaining a sustainable and hygienic campus infrastructure. Wastewater, often laden with a combination of domestic, commercial, and institutional discharges, is gathered to ensure proper treatment and disposal.


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