13 Apr 2023
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On April 13th, 2023, a one-of-a-kind event called MANCHITRAM took center stage, seamlessly blending the realms of cinema and management. This enthralling event challenged participants to explore the world of movies and uncover valuable management lessons hidden within the frames.

Manchitram featured a curated selection of captivating movie clips that showcased various scenarios, characters, and dilemmas. Participants were tasked with keenly observing these snippets and extracting meaningful insights and management lessons from them.

The event celebrated the power of storytelling and its ability to convey complex management principles in an engaging and relatable manner. Participants were encouraged to think critically, identify leadership styles, analyze decision-making processes, and decipher effective communication strategies exhibited by the characters on screen.

Manchitram not only enhanced participants' understanding of management concepts but also fostered their creative thinking and problem-solving abilities. Through thought-provoking discussions and interactive sessions, participants were able to connect the dots between cinematic narratives and real-life managerial challenges.

The event fostered a sense of camaraderie and collaboration among participants as they shared their interpretations, debated their perspectives, and exchanged valuable insights. It provided a platform for networking and building connections among like-minded individuals passionate about both movies and management.

Manchitram served as a reminder that lessons in management can be found in unexpected places, transcending the traditional confines of textbooks and case studies. It highlighted the enduring power of cinema as a medium for storytelling and learning, bridging the gap between entertainment and education.

In conclusion, Manchitram was an extraordinary event that uncovered management lessons hidden within the silver screen. It celebrated the creative fusion of movies and management, offering participants a unique and immersive learning experience. The event left participants inspired, equipped with a fresh perspective, and ready to apply their newfound management insights in the real world.


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