7 Nov 2022
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Drama D’ Entreprise - An HR Role Play


An engaging and thought- provoking HR role play event, known as "Drama d’enterprise”, organized on November 7,2022 , proved to be an exceptional learning experience for the participants. By engaging in realistic HR role plays, students were exposed to the multifaceted challenges faced by HR professionals.

The event helped them develop a holistic understanding of HR dynamics, refine their problem-solving skills, and nurture the interpersonal and communication abilities essential for effective HR management.

Drama d’enterprise demonstrated the Faculty of Management's commitment to experiential learning and its dedication to preparing future HR leaders capable of thriving in dynamic corporate environments.

This event served as a unique platform for students to immerse themselves in realistic workplace scenarios, enabling them to comprehend the intricacies of human resources management. Through this experiential learning opportunity, participants gained valuable insights into the challenges faced by HR professionals and developed practical skills to navigate such situations effectively.

Drama d’enterprise aimed to bridge the gap between theory and practice by simulating real-life scenarios encountered in the corporate world. Students assumed various roles within a fictional organization, showcasing their abilities to address complex HR challenges.

These scenarios encompassed a wide range of topics, including employee conflicts, performance management, talent acquisition, diversity and inclusion, and organizational change.

By stepping into the shoes of HR professionals, participants were encouraged to think critically, make informed decisions, and communicate effectively to resolve these simulated workplace dilemmas.


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