9 Nov 2022
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BRICS - The Narrative Arena


BRICS: Country Presentations and Debate

BRICS, an event conducted on November 9,2022 at Invertis University aimed to showcase the policies, economies, and development strategies of the participating countries: Brazil (B), Russia (R), China (C), India (I), and South Africa (S). Students formed groups and each group was assigned a specific country to represent.

During the event, the students presented information about their respective countries, including their policies, economic conditions, and the challenges they faced in their development journeys. They highlighted the achievements and progress made by their countries in various fields. The presentations provided insights into how these nations overcame obstacles and contributed to their development.

Following the presentations, all the students participated in a debate session. The teacher coordinators asked the students several questions regarding their presentations and the sources from which they obtained the facts and information about their assigned countries. The purpose of this questioning was to assess the students' knowledge and understanding of the subject matter and to encourage critical thinking and research skills.

The students were assigned the responsibility to defend their countries and provide detailed explanations and evidence to support the points they had included in their presentations. This exercise helped them develop a deeper understanding of their countries' policies, economies, and development strategies. It also encouraged them to explore credible sources and strengthen their research abilities.

By participating in BRICS, the students not only gained knowledge about different countries and their development approaches but also developed important skills such as public speaking, teamwork, and critical analysis. The event provided a platform for intellectual exchange and fostered a spirit of healthy competition among the participants.


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