13 Apr 2023
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Brain Treasures


Brain Treasure, organized under the supervision of Assistant Professor Mr. Tarun Gupta, on 11 November 2022 provided an enriching platform for students to expand their thinking skills and delve into the strategies behind a company's success.

Through meticulous research, strategic analysis, and innovative thinking, participants gained a profound understanding of the factors that contribute to business triumph. The event underscored the Faculty of Management's commitment to fostering analytical and creative thinking among its students.

Brain Treasure, in the form of visually captivating PowerPoint presentations, showcased the students' ability to communicate their findings effectively and persuasively.

This event highlighted the potential of young minds to contribute fresh perspectives and ideas, shaping them into strategic thinkers equipped to excel in the dynamic business landscape. This event was meticulously designed to expand the thinking skills of students, providing them with an opportunity to showcase their analytical prowess by examining the strategies that contributed to a company's success.

Participants were tasked with selecting a company of their choice and delving into its key strategies and steps that propelled it towards remarkable achievements. Furthermore, students were encouraged to suggest innovative pointers to provide a competitive advantage to their chosen company.

Brain Treasure, in the form of a dynamic and informative PowerPoint presentation, aimed to foster strategic thinking and empower students to present their findings in a visually compelling manner. Brain Treasure engaged students in an immersive exploration of successful companies.

Participants were entrusted with the responsibility of selecting a company and meticulously researching its journey towards prosperity. They examined the strategies, decisions, and transformative steps that underpinned the company's success.

Furthermore, students were encouraged to apply their creative thinking and propose unique pointers that could further enhance the chosen company's competitive advantage. Through their PowerPoint presentations, participants skillfully showcased their analytical insights and innovative ideas.


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