Mar 14,2024
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Workshop on Resume Building Strategies and Important Skills for Interview


The B.Com Department (Faculty of Management), Invertis University, Bareilly, organized a workshop on “Resume Building Strategies and Important Skills for Interview” for the students of B.Com (H) and B.Com (2nd Year). The objective of the workshop was to equip students with the essential tools needed to enhance their employability and succeed in the competitive job market.

The workshop, held on 14th March 2024, focused on four key areas: Resume Building Techniques, Crafting an Impressive Cover Letter, Interview Preparation, and Post-Interview Etiquette. The session started with an in-depth discussion on effective resume writing, where students learned how to create a compelling resume that highlights their skills, experiences, and achievements. Participants were taught how to structure their resume, tailor it to specific job roles, and use action-oriented language.

The session also provided insights into the significance of cover letters and explored strategies to customize cover letters for different job applications. Students learned practical tips on addressing the hiring manager, showcasing enthusiasm, and aligning the cover letter with the resume.

The heart of the workshop focused on interview skills. Students were introduced to various interview formats, including behavioral, technical, and panel interviews. Mock interview sessions allowed students to practice answering common questions, handling stress, and projecting confidence. The workshop highlighted the importance of non-verbal communication during interviews. Students learned about maintaining eye contact, using positive gestures, and projecting professionalism. Effective verbal communication, active listening, and clarity of expression were emphasized.

The workshop also covered techniques to tackle behavioral questions related to teamwork, problem-solving, and leadership. The workshop provided a framework for structuring responses using the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) method.

Participants were briefed on post-interview etiquette, including sending thank-you emails, following up, and expressing gratitude. Networking strategies and leveraging social media platforms for professional growth were also discussed.

Mr. Amritansh Mishra, Assistant Professor, Department of Professional Communication, Invertis University, generously spared time from his busy schedule and shared profound insights with the students. The workshop, held under the able guidance of Prof. Manish Gupta (Dean Management) and Dr. Dheeraj Gandhi (Head of Department, B.Com), proved to be immensely valuable. Additionally, Dr. Mohnish Kumar, Mr. Vivek Gupta and Mr. Naman Agarwal also contributed in making the workshop a success.


Invertis Village, Delhi Lucknow Highway NH-24, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh - 243 123, India


B-186, Civil Lines, Opposite Bareilly GPO, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh - 243 001, India