We are against all kinds of discrimination on any grounds including disability. We intend to advance a comprehensive and inclusive teaching and learning environment in which incapacitated students and employees are not distraught or treated unfavourably. The institute aims to design its programs, administrations, and activities accessible to the students. All the authorities of the university are striving in order to extend a helping hand towards the differently abled so as to make sure about the Benefits of grounds programs, administrations, and activities. These guidelines apply to all the Faculty and staff members.

Built environment with Ramps/lifts for easy access to classrooms

The campus has built ramps in each building to offer students and all employees a thorough and inclusive teaching and learning environment without any barrier. It helps the differently abled people to walk without any difficulty using wheelchairs on these ramps.

Divyangjan friendly washrooms

Washrooms inside the campus have been built disabled friendly with the installation of low heights toilet seats and grab bars for easy access. The washrooms for disabled persons are provided separately almost in all blocks in the campus. It is designed as per the standard specifications to accommodate people with physical disabilities. The washrooms are provided with grab bar for the convenience of the disabled.

Signage including tactile path, lights, display boards and signposts

There are numerous signs and displays inside the campus that orient visitors to certain buildings, departments, or facilities. There is enough light along the road to allow for unrestricted walking throughout the campus. The sign boards make the disabled students to feel comfort to move to any place in the campus without any confusion.

Assistive Technology

We takes care of persons with disability by providing them assistive technology like digital notice boards, smart boards in classrooms, online learning facilities like LinkedIn Learning and Language Lab Software.

Provision for Enquiry and Information

A sustainable campus infrastructure is essential for offering areas for study, recreation, outdoor activities, relaxation, and aesthetic appreciation. Additionally, a green campus and surrounding area contribute to the university’s clean, cool air and ground water recharge. On campus, there are numerous trees, and medicinal plants, in addition to grassy areas. Numerous insect and bird species can be seen living in the greenery of the campus.


Invertis Village, Delhi Lucknow Highway NH-24, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh - 243 123, India


B-186, Civil Lines, Opposite Bareilly GPO, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh - 243 001, India