Solid Waste Management

We have implemented efficient waste disposal techniques which includes recycling, composting, and segregation. Garbage cans has been placed throughout the campus so as to avoid waste pollution. A three-wheeler garbage loader is used for garbage collection from various locations inside the campus. Biodegradable waste is segregated from the collected waste and further managed by converting it into manure through the composting plant setup inside the campus.

Liquid Waste Management

In its laboratories, the University follows a stringent policy for the disposal of liquid waste. Any glass used in the lab is washed with the least amount of water possible and put in the liquid waste container. Organic and inorganic trash is separated from liquid waste. Before being disposed of, inorganic waste such as concentrated acidic or alkaline solutions is neutralised.

E-Waste Management

The university has taken action to ensure that all types of electronic trash, including batteries, cells, outdated electronics, computers, monitors, printers, UPS, etc., are properly disposed of. Through buyback plans, they are regularly returned to the vendors. The printer cartridges are filled instead of buying new ones. In our computer lab, we employ network printers to cut down on the number of standalone printers.


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