TEDx Season-2

TEDx Season-2

TEDx Season-2

TEDx is a prominent talk show that provides a platform for inspiring conversations and fostering innovation by disseminating valuable and shareable ideas. TEDx stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design, while ‘x’ stands for ‘Independently Organised TED Event'. It was the second time that Invertis University organized this eminent event to experience the pinnacle of global discussions that captivated our imagination and held us in awe. It is a boastful matter that Invertis University has acquired a second position in all of Uttar Pradesh for organizing TEDx on a vast scale. This time, TEDxInvertis University (Season-2) dates back to November 7th, 2023.

The TEDx season started with the unveiling of the theme for the main event, which is JUGAD: ‘The Art of Resourceful Innovation’, which focuses on the creative sense of making something extraordinary out of seemingly ordinary resources.

Followed by a series of pre-events before the main TED talk event, with the pure hustle for dancing to the beats of TedxInvertisUniversity, season came up with a dynamic event, ‘STREEZ’: The Dance Battle’. We also celebrated TedxInvertisUniversity in the sky displayed by ‘TARANG’ by releasing sky lanterns and kites. To fill the audience of Invertis University with energy and amusement, this season came up with thrilled events in its store, namely ‘Bowling Alley’, just roll the balls, strike, and score, followed by a packet of sizzler carrying energy and fun in Crazy Zorby, where a person is placed inside a zorb and attacks on opponents and wins. ‘Jam Night', which was truly magical and filled with zest and enthusiasm with an extra layer of energetic performance given by the breath-taking band "ROCKNAMA,” marked the end of Day 1 of pre-events.

Beginning with a showstopper and energetic retro-fashioned dance performance by indulging the public and filling their hearts with enthusiasm completed the creative motive of ‘Flash Mob’. ‘Laser Paradise’ was a thrilling and an engaging experience, where participants used infrared emitting light guns to tag designated targets. Adding up a beautiful idea of putting relationships on a piece of paper and making memories in ‘Hands to Hearts’ created a beautiful environment around the campus. This season introduced marvellous adventure through a maze of hustle and fun with Guns and Goons, rapid GC cars leading to the finish line for Joy of Victory in ‘Maze Madness’ put up with a portal to another realm, from cricket to fruit ninja and Star Wars to beat Saber through the eyes of ‘Virtual Voyage’ and a spice of combat in a light and dark arena with 5v5 shooting TDM. Day-2 pre-events ended after the fun and entertaining games ‘Roll the bottle’ to have sour and sweet prizes with fabled dares as cherry on top and friendly ‘crash race and fireman race’ to show the power of duos.

The story of TedxInvertisUniversity doesn’t end here. The most anticipated event of the season, i.e., the main Ted Talks, in which different inspiring stories and motivational speeches covered a wide range of topics, from science and technology, to business and society, fulfilling the main goal, i.e., “ideas worth spreading” were credited by our brilliant minds of that day, which included the most versatile actor who is acclaimed for his impeccable comic timing and is a respected figure in the film industry, Mr. Boman Irani, as our first speaker, followed by the pride of the nation, Additional Director General of Police in the Maharashtra Division, and a skilled speaker, Dr. Ravinder Singh IPS, as our second speaker. The show finally came to an end with a unique and magnificent thought ‘Men Empowerment’ raised by our third speaker, who is a brilliant educator of science and fun, a vlogger, and a social media influencer, Ms. Reema Ghai.

This TedxInvertisUniversity season 2 proved to be an extraordinary triumph, leaving us all enlightened with the harmonious blend of wisdom and music that awakened our senses and broadened our horizons. That we can call the perfect melding of intelligence and beat!


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