India's Need for Forensic Science is at an All-Time High

India's Need for Forensic Science is at an All-Time High


India’s need for talented forensic scientists who lead the charge in supporting our country’s justice system is immediate. In October 2023, National Law University published a report revealing 40% out of 3211 sanctioned posts for forensic scientists across 26 labs remained vacant. This statistic highlights India’s challenge in delivering justice effectively alongside an opportunity for luminary minds to flourish. But before deciding on pursuing a BSc Forensic Science, here’s what you need to know.

What is Forensic Science?

Forensic science supports legal decision-making by analysing evidence using scientific methodologies. As a forensic scientist, your primary goal is to analyse evidence received in an ongoing investigation and communicate information to legal authorities to help them with finding out the truth. But to become a forensic scientist you'll need to acquire specialised skills.

The Skills Required to Become a Master in Forensic Science

While a quick search can reveal the skills required for the role, understanding which one of these skills makes you stand apart from the crowd is essential. Due to the lack of good talent, forensic science is coming up as an emerging stream with higher enrollment rates. This is predictive of increasing competition in the domain. The best Bareilly colleges for forensic science have recommended the following skills to stand out:

Effective Communication – Honing communication skills gives you an edge not only to support the justice system in your best capacity, but also to nurture effective relationships that bolster collaboration.

Multidisciplinary Thought Process - Being a forensic scientist means knowing scientific theories, research methods and related subjects too. Alongside a fundamental understanding of biology and chemistry, honing an approach that takes into consideration other subjects like mathematics, physics, sociology, psychology, etc., serves as a long term asset for your skillset.

How to Acquire Skills to be A Forensic Scientist

As a career scope, forensic science can help you learn every day at work. If your decision is to pursue BSc Forensic Science, you’ll need to find the best college for it. Here’s what you should be considering beefore selecting one:

Infrastructure Capacity – Any college that offer courses in forensic science should have a state-of-the-art infrastructure. It refers to well equipped college labs, auditoriums, and facilities that let you apply your theory to practice.

Dedication to Developing Competence - The best college also emphasizes exposing you to as many research methods, principles, best practices, collection of evidence, etc., to help you develop excellence in competency.

Teaching Commitment to Professional Development - Inculcating a sense of professional development is necessary for your professional growth. The best Bareilly colleges focus on helping you develop this habit to you stay ahead of your competitors.

Forensic science serves a very important role as the backbone of India's justice system. If you're someone who likes taking up challenges and is fond of complex problem-solving, forensic science is just the right course for you! Check out the best colleges in Bareilly for forensic science and become India's legal backbone!



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