About N.C.C. and Why College Students must enrol in it.

About N.C.C. and Why College Students must enrol in it.

About N.C.C. and Why College Students must enrol in it.

The Nation cadet Corp(N.C.C) is the organization, which is regulated under the Ministry of Defence; It act as the body to provide the basic military training that inculcate the feeling of comradeship, courage, honesty and above all the patriotism.

It came into force in 1948 with a view to impart the rudimentary skills and training in handling of weapons of different type, and make them physically tough such that they could face the hardship easily. N.C.C training is given to student in age group of 13 to 26 in the school and college. It is given in army, naval, and air force stream depending upon the aptitude of students.

N.C.C training is imparted in two levels:

1. Upto school level

2. College level

There is enormous benefit associated with the N.C.C training, which is listed following points:

1. Character building.

2. Friendship development

3. Comradeship

4. Confidence

5. Leadership

6. Patriotism

7. Honesty

8. Punctuality

9. Sense of readiness

10. Sense of responsibly

Above mentioned are the few listed qualities which young students develop from this training. Even there are lots of benefit, is derived by the student in Job, and priority is set for NCC holder.


The NCC was formed in 1948 (on the recommendation of H. N. Kunzru Committee-1946), and has its roots in British era uniformed youth entities like University Corps or University Officer Training Corps.

Its history can be traced back to the ‘University Corps’, which was created under the Indian Defence Act 1917 with an objective to make up for personnel shortage in the Indian Army.

The NCC also expanded later on to include the Girls Division in 1949 to provide equal opportunities to women willing to serve the country's defences.

Currently it has a strength of around 14 lakh cadets from Army, Navy and Air Force wings.

NCC is the largest uniformed youth organisation in the world. It enrolls cadets at high school and college level and also awards certificates on completion of various phases.

The NCC cadets receive basic military training at various levels and also have academic curriculum basics related to Armed forces and their functioning.

Various training camps, adventure activities and military training camps are an important aspect of NCC training.


The NCC falls under the purview of the Ministry of Defence and is headed by a Director General of three-star military rank.


NCC cadets have played an important role over the years in relief efforts during various emergency situations.

During the ongoing pandemic, over 60,000 NCC cadets have been deployed for voluntary relief work in coordination with district and state authorities across the country.

Contribution of cadets through various initiatives in Exercise-Yogdan in the management of the Covid-19 pandemic have been widely appreciated by the people across the country.

The cadets participated wholeheartedly in ‘Swachhta Abhiyan’, ‘Mega Pollution Pakhwada’ and played a pivotal role in spreading awareness about various government initiatives like ‘Digital Literacy’, ‘International Day of Yoga’, ‘Tree Plantation’ and Covid-19 vaccination drive, etc.


Beginning from 2020 Invertis University Bareilly started with NCC cell for girls. Since then, a numbber of girls enrolled in NCC for brightening their future. A number of achievements are done since the begining of NCC enrolllment at Invertis.

Three NCC girl Cadets of Invertis University brought laurels to the name of our university for their selection in TSC Camp.

NCC girls namely : 1. Simran Gangwar 2. Neha Pandey 3. Pooja Chand participated in TSC camp and performed in various activitiies and events organised.

Taking forward the tradition of doing best and achievements one NCC Cadet Simran Gangwar got "Second Position" in Map Reading competition held at TSC Camp. She got a cash prize of Rs. 31000.

Recently, on October 7th 2022 Invertis University Bareilly got a platoon (50 NCC Cadets) of NCC under FSFS Scheme in the presence of Brigadier R.P. Singh. Now, the boys of Invertis will also get to enroll into NCC looking forward to their shining future.

The multifaceted activities and varied curriculum of the NCC, provides unique opportunities to the youth for self-development.

Many cadets have done the nation and the organisation proud by their remarkable achievements in the field of sports and adventure.

The NCC continues its relentless efforts, towards moulding the present-day youth into responsible citizens of tomorrow.

Government of India expends much in the NCC organization. Because, it is offered without any charge; even the student is given the free uniform, fooding and lodging facility and traveling and the canteen facility is also given to the NCC students. Thereby, government burden is tightened in the training.


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