Dr. P. P. Singh
Dr. P. P. Singh

Dean Faculty of Science

Message from the Dean Faculty of Science

Humans have always observed nature, analysed its ways, and steadily endeavoured to incorporate their understanding into their everyday lives. This is what has led to the development of science today. "Science aims to elucidate universal truths of the natural world and discover its underlying fundamental laws and principles", and the practice of science has led to the prosperity of human society.

The Faculty of Science explores the fundamental questions of the natural world, from the micro world of elementary particles that make up matter, through atoms and molecules, cells and living things, to the Earth and our solar system, and the vast reaches of the universe. Since its inception, the faculty and the students have been at the forefront of science research and education in India and globally, and have produced many outstanding accomplishments and prepared many outstanding individuals.

If there is one message to leave you with, it's this: “Get involved with your new family and make this a place where you develop yourself beyond the learning you get from the courses you do”. If you choose to follow this path, you will fully savour your time here at Invertis, and enjoy a legacy of genuinely wonderful memories of your life here.

Hope you will enjoy your life as a member of a supportive and caring Invertis family that will do everything it can to assist you to be successful in your new role.My sincere wishes for a truly great journey here at Invertis University.


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