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Department of Mechanical Engineering, Invertis University, Bareilly organized the 1st edition of “International Conference on Frontiers of Engineering Inventions – Post COVID-19 Priorities ICFEI-2020)” on 10th and 11th 2020 online using Google Meet and Zoom at Invertis University Bareilly. The aim of this conference was to create consortium in the area of advance research and innovation for human health and environment. This conference held for two days (10th and 11th of May 2020). The two days ran with seven sessions, which covered 21 keynote, invited, and innovative talks and lasted for 7 hours and 45 minutes. The sessions also consisted of translation research and technology cooperation consortium for diseases research. The consortium was primarily focused on the current epidemic of novel coronavirus COVID-19 affecting the world and the engineering, research and technological proceedings as well as advancements required in engineering inventions post COVID-19.

The meeting brought together interdisciplinary scientist, students and faculties working in several field like healthcare, biotechnology, IT, computational, Nanotechnology, medicine and chemical engineering and facilitated an exchange of ideas that could lead to the recognition of effective research and technology for a healthy tomorrow. It was intended to form a network of collaboration for the utilization of various interdisciplinary scientific experts and present valid healthcare solutions based on digital medicine.

Some of the esteemed researchers, professors from recognized institutes and professionals from different areas, and students attended the conference. The session started with a welcome note from Prof. R. K. Shukla, Dean Engineering, Invertis University, Bareilly, India. Prof. Shukla provided guidelines to Dr. Ajitanshu Mishra, Head of the Mechanical engineering department, Mr. Sawan Kumar, Convener ICFEI 2020, and the organizing committee for this initiative.

The 1st session was coordinated by Mr. Amit Kumar, Assistant Professor, Invertis University.

Dr. Tej Pratap Singh, Assistant Professor – NIT Allahabad, delivered 1st talk of the conference on COVID-19 Learning’s Measures and Preventions-A Scientific Approach towards Protective Kit Development. The talk was primarily about the symptoms, spreading mechanism and safety equipment (Face Shield) as well as discussions on topics like Comparative study of surface texture and supply chain management also took place. 2nd talk was by Mr. Ajay Pratap Singh, Mr. Bhupendra singh Danu and Mr. Javed Hussain (Final year Mechanical Engineering Students, Invertis University) on Industrial Waste Water Treatment. The discussion was based on the Collection of waste water from industries and testing as well as treatment methods. The 3rd talk was by Mr. Hemant Singh, Mr. Arun Kumar and Mr. Ujjawal Mishra (Final year Mechanical Engineering Students, Invertis University) on Commercial Waste Water Treatment. The group discussed the effects of human activities on water contamination, need of Water Treatment and also suggested methods to reduce the cost of waste water treatment.

Mr. Ajit Kumar Singh, Assistant Professor, Invertis University was the session in-charge of the 2nd session.

Er. Ankur Gangwar, Project manager, Globus Spirits Ltd. Delivered his talk on COVID-19 Lockdown in industries in which the discussion on Precautions and safety vision against COVID-

19 in industries and workplace took place. The next talk was by Dr. Dheeraj Gunwant, Independent researcher and Principle of GET group of Institutions on Need of ventilators in the COVID-19 Pandemic and role of 3D printing and discussed the types of ventilators and benefits of 3D printing for making of ventilators. Further Mr. Vivek Maurya, Mr. Kishan Singh and  Mohd. Monish (Final year Mechanical Engineering  Students,  Invertis  University)  on

Design and fabrication of A single disc polishing machine and Mr. Ruman Ansari, Mohd. Abid and Mr. Shubham Saxena (Final year Mechanical Engineering Students, Invertis University) discussed the Experimental and numerical study on acoustic performances of room.

Session 3 was coordinated by Dr. S. Roy, Associate Professor, Invertis University.

Er. Brijesh Kushwaha, Assistant Manager L&T Ltd. Discussed Post COVID 19 work resumption. The discussion was primarily based on the needs of industries in present COVID-19 pandemic whereas Er. Balendra Vir Singh Chauhan, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland discussed Flow analysis which is useful to reduce pollution and even in preventing COVID-19 virus through mask.

The discussion was then continued by Mr. Parth Desai, Mr. Yogesh Chitkule and Mr. Anmol Bhanage (MMIT Pune) on Identifying trends of boiler parameters for building prediction models, they discussed about the Forecasting method on boiler failure by measuring steam pressure, oil pressure, oil temperature etc. Mr. Pankaj Gangwar (Final year Mechanical Engineering Student, Invertis University) discussed the Development of cellulose fiber-zif-8 based exhaust air filter with CO2 sensitivity. Mr. Pradeep Kumar, Mohd. Nihal Khan, Mohd. Faisal Khan gave the last talk of the session on Recycling of waste plastic in construction works and discussed the importance of finding an alternate of recycling the waste plastics which can contribute to the environment.

In session 4, Mr. Manoj Kumar, Assistant Professor, Invertis University was the session In- charge.

Session started with short briefing by Dr. Ajitanshu Mishra, Head of the Mechanical engineering department. The first talk of the session was by Prof. (Dr.) Ashutosh Tiwari, Director IAAM, Sweden. Prof. Tiwari delivered his talk on Intelligent Nano systems and wireless medicine for cloud healthcare and discussed its importance for the continuously upgrading world. The participants were eager to take part in the discussion and were able to contribute to the discussion efficiently. Prof. (Dr.) Maged A Youssef continued the discussion with his topic Engineering Education, Research, and Related Construction Activities During and After COVID-19 Pandemic, and discussed how engineering education and research are playing a pivoting role during this pandemic. Prof. Maged also explained how the activities usually takes place and the effects which have taken place due to COVID-19 and how things are going to change post pandemic. The healthy discussion with delegates and the sound presentation made the participants eager to participate in the discussion and Mr. Bhartiyam Shushil and Mr. Faruq Abdullah took the moment to discuss their topic Fire retarding construction materials, and were able to gather fruitful suggestions from the attendees. Mr. Prashant Chauhan, Mr. Aman Kohli and Mr. Arun Kumar Singh discussed their innovative talk on Piezoelectric shoe and welcomed the suggestions for their work. The session was closed with a closing speech by Dr. Ajitanshu Mishra, in which he thanked and appreciated the presence of the attendee.

Session 5 was coordinated by Mr. Subodh Kumar Verma, Assistant Professor, Invertis University.

The session was primarily about the effects of COVID-19 on the Automobile Industries and the production system. Er. Vineet Kumar Verma, Project Manager, Bosch USA discussed a case study on The effects of COVID-19 on the automobile sectors and the changes taking place within the work environment of an Automobile manufacturing plant and the possible advancements in the system and discussed the importance of simulation software post COVID-19. Mr. Siddharth Gaur and Mr. Nitin Rajput discussed a case study on The aerodynamics of a Cricket ball along with this the effects of COVID-19 on the sports was also discussed.

Session 1 and session 2 of Day 2 were Co-Ordinated by Ms. Soni Yadav and Mr. Mohit Pathak.

Mr. Arvind Kumar Madheshiya discussed the importance of Digital Laboratory for learning during COVID-19 in which the lack of practical activities was discussed and some initiatives for compensating with this were discussed. Prof. Chaira talked about priorities post COVID-19 in the construction activities, followed by innovative talk on window mist curtain by Mr. Jaisheet katiyar and Mr. Rajeev Gangwar and Mr. Harshit Upadhyay along with Mr Akash Gangwar discussing about the Origin, Effects and Treatment of COVID-19.

Prof. R. K. Shukla, Dean Engineering, appreciated the content of the conference, which lead to positive discussion & stimulated active cooperation for the proposed agenda under timeline. He appreciated the efforts of ICFEI-2020 team members who played a part in the successful organization of the successful conference and contributed to the comfortable arrangements for the delegates. Prof. Shukla also acknowledged the contribution of the Convener Mr. Sawan Kumar, Co-Conveners- Mr. Anuj Kumar and Mr. Krishna Kant along with the whole organizing committee.