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FDP on Emerging Frontier in Management Research | Invertis University, Bareilly


The one week FDP on Emerging Frontier in Management Research has been designed with and objective to enhance the research acumen of the participants and to familiarize them with the emerging issues in the world of Business and Management that call for an immediate attention form seasonal researchers and scholars a alike. The FDP would endeavor to sensitize the faculty participants the need, utility and use of various emerging tools and techniques of Management Research.

The specific objective of the FDP are:

1) To apprise the faculty members of the tools and techniques of Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

2) To enable the faculty members to enhance the visibility of their organization, accomplishments, achievements and work through the use of social media and with the help of digital marketing.

3)To develop research acumen in the faculty members.

4) To help the faculty members in improving and upgrading their research skills, publication quality and conceptualization and conduct of research projects.

5) To make the faculty members well versed with the latest tools and techniques used in research and publication.

6) To familiarize the faculty members with the emerging frontiers of management research.