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Guest Lecture on Emotional Intelligence - A Tool to Transformation | Invertis University

  • Date

    7 Jun 2021

  • Duration

    1 Day

  • Duration

    7 hrs

Event Description

Online Guest Lecture on EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE : A tool to transformation

Online guest session was organized by MBA department on 07th June 2021 at 4 p.m. through Microsoft Teams on “EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: A tool to transformation”. The guest speaker was Brig (Dr) Sunil Kumar Moudgil, who is an International Master Trainer, Leadership Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker and CEO & Founder, Moudgil Learning & Development Solutions.

Brig (Dr.) Sunil Moudgil addressed the students on various aspects on Emotional Intelligence.

He said that IQ is limited by birth, but EQ i.e. Emotional intelligence is learned. Today, Emotional intelligence is an important factor for hiring and managing employees.  He helped students understanding different types of positive (joy, appreciation, adoration, pride, excitement ...etc.) and negative emotions (frustration, fear, Contempt…. etc.) with the help of few stories and videos.

He explained that Emotional Intelligence can be gained by understanding self (self-awareness & self-management) or personal skills and understanding others (social awareness & behaviour) or social skills. According to him, Empathy is one of the important aspects of emotional intelligence. Empathy means responding compassionately to another, it helps in influencing behavior of others. A person with low EQ will behave in aggressive, demanding and bossy manner and will always be resisting to change whereas a person with high EQ will be having assertive, ambitious and strong-willed nature.

In order to have high EQ, it is important to be assertive rather than aggressive, proactive and good listener. One should also be able to control negative emotions, handle criticism, manage stress and remain calm. He said that one should choose people wisely as the people around a person influence him the most. It is very important to embrace change and give one’s 100% in every situation for maintaining high level of Emotional Intelligence. At the end of session, he gave some ways to students to improve EI such as reading a book on EI, or using Buddy system or rating oneself.

The session was ended by responding to some brilliant questions from students.

It was a very exciting, informative and motivating session for the students.