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International Conference - ICRAMT 2019


Conference on Recent Advances in Management and Technology ICRAMT 2019

18 th and 19 th October 2019

International Conference on recent advance in management and technology was conducted in Invertis University, Bareilly main auditorium with presence of Chief Guest Prof. P.K. Chaubey , eminent economist Ex- Prof with Indian Institute of Public Finance and Administration (IIPA), Key note speaker Prof. A.K. Sharma, Emeritus Fellow Humanities and Social Sciences(HSS)in IIT Kanpur , Guest of Honors Prof. N.L. Sharma Bareilly College, Prof. Shikha Dixit, in Psychology IIT Kanpur and Prof. V.K. Shrotryia, DSE, Delhi University and many eminent scientist/ professors/ research scholars/ postgraduate and undergraduate scholars from India and globe. Chief guest Prof P.K. Sharma spoke on the current issues
faced by NITI Aayog and existing problems of employment, poverty, population and positive implementation effects of GST on trade and commerce. Key note speaker Prof. A.K. Sharma focused on commoditization of Human Resource drifting away from manpower planning which was depleting the talent of working with the organization. Guest of honor Prof N.L. Sharma spoke on the various methods of implementing training and internship along the lines of human values for improving skill of management students in every field of trade. Guest of honor Prof. Shikha Dixit spoke on the importance of utilization of psychology in recruitment, selection and pre training than after use of psychology in organization. Guest of honor Prof. V.K. Shrotryia spoke on the various issues of economic turbulence faced by the global economy and the steps taken by various governments including India. The two day conference saw a plethora of papers presented by research scholars and faculties adjoined with various Universities.