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Online Faculty Development Programme on INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS | Invertis University


One-Week Online Faculty Development Programme on Intelligent Systems by Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Invertis University Bareilly organized One-week Online Faculty Development Programme on Intelligent Systems from June 29, 2020 to July 04,2020. The convener of this FDP was Mr. Suhail Javed Quraishi and co-convenors were Ms. Shimona Gupta and Mr. Ashish Saxena.

The FDP gave insights to some of the very interestingtopics like recent development in IT industry such as soft computing, IOT, Intelligent networks, and AOE (Artificial intelligence Of Everything) were introduced, Symbolic processing as a key to Artificial Intelligence was explained, and new flavours like Cognitive Computing and Nature-Inspired Computing were briefly discussed, Components, Disciplines, Applications, Algorithms, Growth and Dangers of AI were discussed.Some examples of robots like Autonomous Walker and Swimming Eel were shown. Explained evolution of AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning with Cloud Computing,Use cases such as Targeted Marketing (Google AdSense), Devops (Netflix, Amazon etc.) and Autonomous cars (Google LIDAR and Tesla) were discussed in details focussing on developments, competitions, research, demands and futureinthese areas.Introduction to Machine Learning, examples of Machine Learning Algorithms, Regression, SVM, KNN, Decision trees, etc., Deep Learning and its relationship with ANN, different forms of architectures of Neural Networks including single-layer perceptron, multilayer perceptron, Hopfield network, Boltzmann machine, etc. were also discussed.

The One-week Online FDP had twelve interactive sessions which were addressed by some of the prominent figures of Academics and Industry. The eminent speakers of the FDP were Dr. V. K. Panchal,Former Director, DRDODelhi, Prof.Sarosh Umar, Chairman, CS Department AMU, Prof. Brijesh K. Gupta, IIT Roorkee, Dr. Christos Sarakasidis, Data Scientist, United Kingdom,Mr. AnoopOjha, Amdocs Inc., Texas, USA, Mr. Vidyut Gupta, Head Core Technology, India-Middle-East-Africa, Nokia Networks, Prof. Manu Pratap Singh, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University, Agra, Mr. Sumit Jain, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom, Dr. Sandhya Tarar, GBU Noida, Dr. DivyaKumar, MNNIT Allahabad, Dr. Ajay Indian, Central University of Rajasthan, Ajmer andDr. Mohit Kumar, NIT Jalandhar.

The FDP was a huge success and received 486registrations as participant faculties and researchers from 28 States of India and 08 Countries.

A heartfelt gratitude to the Honorable Chancellor Dr. UmeshGautam, Vice Chancellor Prof.Y.D.S. Arya, Dean Engineering Prof.R.K. Shukla and HOD CSE Dr. Gaurav Agarwal for their constant support and guidance throughout the programme.