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ICRAS - 2020 : 4th International Conference


On February 28th to 29th 2020  Faculty of Science,  Invertis University, has organized the 4th International conference on “Recent Advances in Science” (ICRAS-2020) the objective of the conference is to link the innovative work and promote interdisciplinary research for the betterment of society.

This conference is the vision of dynamic Chancellor Dr. Umesh Gautam who desires the interactions amongst academicians, scientists, young scholars and students in different fields of Chemical, Life, Physical and Mathematical Sciences. The main aim of the conference is to link the innovative work and to promote interdisciplinary research for betterment of society.

Chief Guest of the conference was Dr. A.K. Singh, Director General, Defense Research Development Organization (DRDO), New Delhi. He is the recipient of many accolades and recognition of his contributions for Life Sciences & HR Management. He said that innovation is the essence of today’s advance world of science and India needs an organization like; Invertis University, who works day & night to make our society better. He said science always contributes to making our life better with its innovation creativity and aesthetic sense.

Other important personnel of the conference including Prof. Udeni Jayalal ( Guest of Honor ), Sabaragamuwa University, Sri Lanka has congratulated the efforts of Invertis University and its academic and practical environment and said the university is very much consistent in their research work in various disciplines.

Dr. Dalip Kumar Upreti, Indian lichenologist and the keynote speaker of the ICRAS-2020. He served as the Director and Chief Scientist at CSIR-National Botanical Research Institute, Lucknow. He served as Head of Lichenology and herbarium division. Presently he is serving as Scientist Emeritus in the same division. He elaborated about the valuable resource, especially for beginners, students and researchers from different academic backgrounds interested in the study of lichens.

Dr. Neeraj Kumar Mishra ( Invited Speaker ) one of the invited speaker from Sungekyunkwan University, South Korea addresses the students gathering in first technical session and explain the understanding of science, nurturance of process skills, development of scientific attitude.

All the keynote and invited speakers congratulated the Invertis University for organizing 4th International conference on “Recent Advances in Science” (ICRAS-2020) and said that students of the Invertis University are very innovative and progressive in their research work and university provides the quality resources to their students having sound laboratories and workshops to work in a healthy environment and ICRAS is a good opportunity for young scientist to explore the world of science.

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Managing Director, DRDO

New Delhi


Every educational institute has three important elements; Students, Working dedicated professors and available facilities and I am feeling good today for the students of Invertis University as the university is an excellent combination of these three. Today I have joined the International conference on “Recent Advances in Science” at Invertis University, Bareilly. Students and
professors are very competitive and progressive in their work and innovating new things. Science always contributes to making our life better with its innovation creativity and aesthetic sense. I wish Invertis University for great learning and success in the future.


Guest of Honor Prof. Udeni Jayalal,

Sabaragamuwa University, Sri Lanka


Today I am feeling privileged while joining the International conference on “Recent Advances in Science” at Invertis University, Bareilly Students, Professors, and research scholars are very outstanding and promising in their research work. It is incredibly exceptional that students are very refined in their inventions and practices. I wish Invertis University for prospective endeavors.


Key Note Speaker, Dr. D.K. Upreti, Emeritus Scientist,

CSIR-NBRI, Lucknow


India needs progressive thinking, regular inventions and honesty for work and fortunately Invertis University is providing the environment, infrastructure and resources to keep these things. I believe that Invertis University embarked its name on the International platform for their precious contributions in science. I wish for the eternal expansion of Invertis University.