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Virtual Guest Lecture on Overview on aspects of Deregulated Power System Environment | Invertis Uni.

  • Date

    18 Jun 2021

  • Duration

    1 Day

  • Duration

    7 hrs

Event Description

A VIRTUAL GUEST LECTURE ON  An overview on some aspects of Deregulated Power system Environment



Department of Electrical, Electronics & Communication Engineering conducted a webinar to benefit its students through video conferencing.

This guest lecture was addressed by Dr. Kaushik Paul, Assistant Professor, BIT Sindri, Dhanbad, Jharkhand.

The topic he delivered was “An overview on some aspects of Deregulated Power system Environment”, a prominent research area in recent times. The term electric deregulation is the process of changing the rules and regulations governing the electricity sector, which gives consumers the choice of electricity suppliers. In deregulation removal of control and improving an economic efficiency of electricity are achieved. At the starting, speaker briefly gave an idea about the regulated power system. Then he addressed the evolution of the concept of deregulation. He stated the various objective for deregulation. He also added benefits as well as issues involved in deregulation. He explained nicely the structure of the Deregulated Electric Supply System. He discussed the scenario of deregulation in developed contries. In this context, he pointed out the current scenario in India. Inclusion of private participation in the market is mentioned and he showed the salient features of the Electricity Act, 2003. Finally he concluded the session after discussing the congestion management in the deregulated environment. He ended the session saying the huge career opportunity this field can create and motivated the students to pursue their career further. 


Content of the Webinar were:

  • Introduction
  • Regulated/Vertically Integrated Structure
  • Evolution of the concept of deregulation
  • Deregulation
  • Objectives for Deregulation
  • Entities in deregulated electricity markets
  • Structure of the Deregulated Electric Supply System
  • Benefits & Issues involved in Deregulation
  • Deregulation in developed countries
  • Scenario in India
  • Private participation in transmission
  • Salient features of the Electricity Act, 2003
  • What is congestion?
  • Importance of congestion management in the deregulated environment
  • Conclusion

Chancellor Dr. Umesh Gautam and Dean Engineering Prof. R.K. Shukla described this guest lecture as enlightening for the students. Mr. Mon Prakash Upadhyay, Dr. Ankur Rai, Mr. Arun Gangwar, Mr. Pankaj Tripathi, Ms. Manjari Sharma, Mr. Debanjan Roy, Dr. Sourabh Pathak attended the session along with students of B. Tech. & Diploma (EE/ECE).

Department will keep organizing such webinars from time to time to inspire our students, because the youth of today are the warriors of the future."

The event ended with honorarium to the guest.