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Article Published - Role of INVERTIS University in the Pandemic: A Case Study | Invertis University

14 May 2022

Our consciousness is our contribution to reality. What we perceive as real, becomes real. -- Deepak Chopra

Congratulations!! Mr. Awdesh Kumar, Assistant Professor (Deptt.of Civil Engineering) for getting your article - Role of INVERTIS University in the Pandemic: A Case Study, published in latest issue on COVID19-Impact in Education (Issue No. 199, April 2022) of India Disaster Mitigation Institute(AIDMI) launched in recent virtual roundtable held on 10/05/2022.

Article is nut shell tale of how our Invertis family together faced the pandemic induced unprecedented global academia crisis & emerged as a benchmark setter among leading academic stakeholders.

Once again we appreciate your efforts towards penning down the facts and figures in very precise outline.