Bachelor of Science in Physics (Honors)

Bachelor of Science in Physics (Honors)

Duration: Three years full time degree programme


Physics embraces the study of the most basic natural laws and is about explaining how and why things work on scales ranging from the sub-nuclear, through the everyday, and on to the entire cosmos. In our B.Sc. Honors (Physics) program, you will first of all gain basic knowledge in mathematics and in the basis of physics: mechanics, electromagnetism, wave physics, thermal physics and last but not least; quantum physics, which play a central role in large parts of modern physics. Here you will acquire both theoretical and experimental techniques and skills. Our unique programme will give you a deep understanding of the role of physics in newly developing areas in the field of nanotechnology, superconductivity, fiber optics…etc. An understanding of basic physical principles is one of the keys to advancing knowledge.


Minimum 50% marks in 10+2 with Physics, Mathematics & Chemistry or Computer Science.


On the basis of merit/IUCET

Career Options

Would you like to contribute to solving the world’s energy and environmental problems, take part in the development of new instrumentation within medicine and other fields, help developing and characterizing new materials for tomorrow’s products or perhaps develop models to describe physical phenomena in nature? Would you in general like to learn more about the subject that is the most fundamental for both science and technology? Then our B.Sc. (Hons.) Physics programme is what you want! This study also provides you with a basis for further specialization into the Master’s degree program. The Bachelor program supplemented with a Master's degree will be a good starting point for a lot of jobs within the field of physics. For some, it may be of interest to go further, with research studies in the form of a PhD degree. The program provides a solid foundation to compete in most prestigious examinations of India like IAS,IPS,IFS,PCS and other central & state government administrative services.

Fees: 0.30 Lac(s) / per year

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