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Guest Lecture on Competency Framework for Managing Talent by Department of Management, Invertis Univ

  • Date

    3 Jun 2021

  • Duration

    1 Day

  • Duration

    7 hrs

Event Description


An Online guest lecture was organized by MBA department on 03rd June 2021 at 4 pm through Microsoft Teams. The guest speaker was Dr. Deepak Sharma, Associate Professor, Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Benguluru.

According to Dr. Sharma, Digitization has put e-commerce, IT services above others. There is lot of uncertainty in the current times of pandemic. So many people are doing work from home, but it is only possible for knowledge workers. In India, 90% of workforce work through hands and legs and work from home is not possible for them. There has also been migration of workers because of shut downs. So it is required to provide better training and skill development to the workers for upskilling them.

He said that pandemic created lot many challenges for HR. Job security was the issue apart from that employee well being became the major challenge for companies. communication was critical in the time of pandemic.  Behaviour pattern, emotional connect and trust issues were there in front of the companies.

Organizations should look at the major skill pools to understand the reskilling and upskills required for the future and whether they are long or short on the required talent. HRs must consider the effects of large workforce transitions accelerated by-COVID19 crisis and the key role that reskilling plays in closing talent gaps. competency building is must for ensuring survival in the coming times.

HR will meet the challenges ahead from running virtual meetings, managing remote teams, and using online collaboration tools, skills to be imparted to employees at a fast speed to ensure business continuity. In order to be more effective , individual employees should develop competencies and match them to contextual settings.

 If a person wants to improve as an employee or a business leader or a professional, one must master and demonstrate the right competencies

Now a days, Managers need to build workforce of the future by understanding the demand & supply for available competencies. They should prepare talent for future, behavioural, leadership and functional competencies. Companies nowadays are seeking new skills in the employees such as ability of analytical thinking and innovation, learning agility, complex problem solving  and critical thinking and creativity.

He concluded by giving examples of companies like Google and Flipkart that are providing various skill development opportunities and certification programs to their employees for upskilling them. He also mentioned that companies are providing digital training to their employees. Leadership also plays an important role in upskilling the workers. Beyond reskilling, managers need to empower workers with choice over what work they do by allowing them to apply their interests and passions to organizational needs.