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In Continuation of ongoing Disaster Management Series National Institute of Disaster Management (NIDM), New Delhi and Department of Civil Engineering, Invertis University Bareilly, U.P. jointly organized the Fourth Webinar on 22/10/2020 on topic entitled “CHANGE OF SEASON: INCREASING AIR POLLUTION – WAY FORWARD”. This webinar, which lasted about three hours, was attended by about 394 participants from more than 40 organizations / institutions from all across the country as well as participants from abroad.

The webinar was jointly inaugurated by Dr. YDS Arya,Vice Chancellor, Invertis University, Prof. Dr. Anil Gupta, Head, ECDRM Division, NIDM, and Dr. RK Shukla, Dean, Engineering. Dr. Arya thanked NIDM for organizing this webinar in a series of such efforts and discussed the challenges posed by rising air pollution in the midst of COVID-19, Professor Anil Gupta described pollution as a major health-related challenge & suggested the need to implement multilayered schemes for its management. Dr. RK Shukla expressed his views on effective steps to control air pollution with the straw burning and weather change associated challenges.He also welcome the participants/representatives from various states & countries &also convey greetings to them on behalf of Dr. UmeshGautam, Honorable Chancellor of Invertis University.

During the panelist discussions Prof. AP Dimri, JNU, New Delhi, Professor Mr. VK Sehgal, IARI, New Delhi, Professor Mr. NC Gupta, IndraprasthaUniversity,New Delhi Assistant Professor Mr. Awdhesh Kumar, Invertis University, Mr. Ashish Kumar Panda, Consultant and Faculty Member, NIDM &Mr. Anil Gupta,Head,ECDRMDivision,NIDMexpressed their views on topics coveringIncreasing Air Pollution: Post COVID-19 Lockdown opening and changing season, S&T Innovation to curb air pollution impacts, Rice Residue Burning (Parali) and its impact, Air Pollution, PM 2.5 and Air Pollution & Nature Based Solutions (Eco-DRR).

In Valedictory session Dr. YDS Arya,Vice Chancellor, Invertis University, Prof. Dr. Anil Gupta, Head, ECDRM Division, NIDM, and Dr. RK Shukla, Dean, Engineering jointly concluded the webinar with an outcome message of coming together for more research and social awareness on such significant issues. The webinar was successfully concluded with vote of thanks to patrons, chairpersons, event coordinators, panelists and participating dignitaries, representatives, etc. The program was coordinated by Assistant Professor Awdhesh Kumar and Shri. Ashish Kumar Panda& Moderated by Ms.Shilky, Young Scientist, NIDM. Mr. Shravan Kishore Gupta,HOD,Civil described the webinar as successful, during the session Mr. Arvind Kumar, Kuldeep Kumar Soni, Rohit Pathak, Rizwan Khan and Ankit Kumar were present on behalf of the department in the program.