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                                        WEBINAR ON 28TH MAY, 2020 DURING 1100-1300 HRS


                                                    “PANDEMIC AND INDIAN ECONOMY”

                                                          JOINTLY ORGANIZED BY



                                       INVERTIS UNIVERSITY, BAREILLY, UTTAR PRADESH

National Institute of Disaster Management (NIDM), in collaboration with the Invertis University, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh organized a Webinar on, “Pandemics and Indian Economy”, on 28th May, 2020 at 1100 Hrs. There were 178 registrations from more than 40 organizations/Institutions across the country but due to technology limitations of the hosting web platform, only 100 participants could be accommodated at one particular time. The Webinar lasted 3 hrs.

Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Invertis University Dr. Y. D. S. Arya and Executive Director, NIDM, Major General ShriManoj Kumar Bindal, as Patrons for the Webinar, jointly inaugurated the Webinar. Dr. Aryathanks NIDM about timely conceptualization of this webinar in a series of such efforts and emphasized upon the seriousness of COVID 19 and its impact over all the sectors of our society. He mentioned that during these tough times we need to be careful as well as productive. This can be achieved by adopting work from home culture and limited and gradual opening of our industries, factories, offices observing strict social distancing norms, He further conveyed the best wishes to the organizers and the participants of the Webinar.

Major General ShriManoj Kumar Bindal highlighted the fact that due to COVID-19 the world’s economy is going to suffer drastically. He mentioned the Spanish flu of the year 1918 and how it took lives of lakhs of people as well. He said the GDP growth rate may go into negative in the upcoming times due to COVID-19 and that it is going to change the lifestyle of the people. He emphasized that during these extraordinary times, we need to learn with the new normals and should be constructive in our approach by delivering to the best possible extent and through a positive national building mindset. He also highlighted the need for organizing such webinars on issues which have not yet been touched upon and which are required to be highlighted for safety and growth of humanity in particular.

Dr. R. K. Shukla, Dean, Engineering Division, Invertis University welcomed all the dignitaries and participants and informed the gathering about efforts being made globally to discuss, research and find solutions to problems pertaining to COVID- 19. He mentioned how unemployment rate has been increasing due to restriction on industries. Although several steps have been taken by the government for example the big package of 20 lakh crore, and several changes in the policies, there is lot more to be done to cope with this kind of disaster.He also conveyed best wishes on behalf of Hon’ble Chancellor of the Invertis University Dr. UmeshGautam to the participants/delegates.

Professor (Dr.) Anil K. Gupta, Head, ECDRM Division, NIDM spoke about the measures that are required to be implemented to lift the economy and businesses across the world as well as in India, once again.He thanked all the participants and wished good luck for the success of the programme.

ShriAwdhesh Kumar, Asstt. Professor, Invertis University, in his presentation, spoke in details about the impact of COVID-19 lockdown in Small Scale Industries. He explained the contributions of SSIs to the Indian Economy as to how they generate employment opportunities and compliment the large scale industries. These industries are facing losses and livelihood of several people working in the SSIs have been affected. Even after the lockdown is lifted,labour availability is going to be a major issue as the migrant labours have returned to their hometowns. He concluded with suggestive measures as what should be done to bring this sector of Indian Economy on right track of stability and future growth.

Lt. Col. D. C. Vashishta Joint Director, NIDM discussed the Issues of Supply Chain Management during and Post COVID-19 in the Indian Context. He mentioned that the Supply chain management has taken a hard hit due to this lockdown and government restrictions. There are several issues such as unavailability of labours and raw materials, which are affecting and would further affect this sector in future. Even before the imposition of lockdown in India several industries were facing severe disruptions because they are dependent on china for raw material. He highlighted the importance of this sector on the overall performance of Indian Economy and suggested morale boosting measures which are need of the hour to lift this sector alongwith lifting the Indian economy as a whole.

ShriAshish Kumar Panda, Consultant and Faculty Member, NIDM spoke in detail about the issues of migrant labours in India. He shared some recent images and facts about the grave situation and apathy they are facing on roads, which includes hunger, starvation, insults, poverty, walking on roads for miles, pregnant women delivering on roads and the dark future ahead of them etc. Apart from that the children, old age people are being malnourished, facing health hazards, lack of immunization and no signs of hope and stability for future. No moral support from respective local governments, being thrown out of rented houses, mental trauma with respect to future livelihood is gradually bringing in lots of dissent and anger in them. It would be very difficult to bring them back to work in such pathetic situations. He concluded with the Government initiatives being taken in this regard and the pathways we all, as a vibrant society, should adopt to, so that we work for the sustainable growth of this large section of our ignored society.

Prof. Anil K. Gupta, Head, ECDRM, NIDM talked about the resilience in businesses, industry and agriculture. He said that the companies need to think and act across 5 horizons to bring the situation to normalcy: Resolve, Resilience, Return, Re-imagination and Reforms. He mentioned that there is a dire need of revival of rural industries and creation of opportunities in villages. He also emphasized on adopting to the MadhyamMargphreached by Buddha by defining the real meaning of Development, which should ideally go side by side along protecting our nature, environment and humanity. There is a need for paradigm shift in our approaches whether it is Industry, Agriculture, Health or Human Development as a whole, which should be inclusive of not only material benefits but also spiritual and humane. 

Brigadier VinodDutta, Sr. Consultant NIDM suggested that there is a need for redefining and reengineering of the economy. He spoke about where our Indian Economy stands and what needs to be done to take it to stand firm as countries line South Korea, Japan etc. He highlighted the need for brining in a righteous approach in all segments of Indian Economy to bring positive results in times to come.

Mr. Vikrant Singh, Sr. Manager in the Reliance Industries ltd. briefed about how corporate sector has changed its supply chain management system post COVID-19. He mentioned that the industries are experiencing Black Swan impact and that that they should focus on short and long term demands simultaneously.

Dr. Nikita Mishra, Asstt. Prof. Pharmacy Division,Inverstis University,said that India is one of the major transporters of generic medicines. The production has been affected due to lockdown. She highlighted about the measures, which needs to be taken to help this sector withstand the new normals and can hope for growth in future.

ShriVarun Sharma, C. R. Manager, Inverstis University thanked NIDM and Invertis University for organizing such a timely Webinar. He mentioned that work from home culture has become a new normal. E- learning companies are thriving. He emphasized that this is an opportunity to make India a manufacturing hub.

Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Invertis University Dr. Y.D.S.Arya and Execute Director, NIDM, Major General ShriManoj Kumar Bindal jointly summed up and concluded the webinar in the end. Both expressed satisfaction and enthusiasm about the way webinar was held and the issues that were discussed and deliberated upon. Both expressed positive intentions of having more of such collaborative efforts of NIDM and Invertis University, in future as there is need for holding series of join webinars on various cross cutting and multi-hazard related aspects associated with such pandemics. ED, NIDM expressed the desire of having more research work initiated from both the organizations and VC, Invertis University welcomed the idea by offering the services of the Journals of the Invertis University in helping such works published and propagated further. Both of them thanked the participating delegates, speakers, panelists and organizers for the successful conduct of the programme. A group photograph was taken for the webinar in the end by requesting all the participants to keep their videos on. The webinar ended successfully with a vote of thanks to the patrons, organizing chairs, programme coordinators and the participating dignitaries, delegates and panelists etc.


  • Sensitization and information dissemination with respect to impact of Covid 19 and various phases of Lockdowns in India, especially with respect to diverse important fields of Indian Economy;
  • Knowledge Sharing about specific key trouble areas with respect to the Small Scale Industries, Supply Chain Management and the Migrant Workers;
  • Government initiatives being offered, accepted by respective States and executed across the country alongwith new pathways as to how to bring the Indian Economy again on the concrete roads, were some of the key areas discussed upon during the Webinar.
  • Agreement on part of NIDM and INVERTIS university to hold series of such WEBINARS as well as propagate research work and its publication.