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4th International Commcon-2021 on ROLE OF MEDIA DURING COVID-19 PANDEMIC | Invertis University


4th International Commcon-2021 : ROLE OF MEDIA DURING COVID-19 PANDEMIC

Date: 6-7th JULY, 2021 (Tuesday and Wednesday)

Platform: Cisco WebEx 


Session timings:-

Morning - 09.30 AM - 12.30 PM

Noon - 02.30 PM - 04.30 PM


Department of Journalism and Mass Communication &
Department of Professional Communication


Conference Convener: Mr. Amritansh Mishra, Assistant Professor, IU

Conference Co-Convener: Ms. Asha Sharma, Assistant Professor, IU

Organising Secretary: Mr. Sandeep Abhishek, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Journalism & Mass Communication

Organising Secretary: Ms. Nasreen  Javed, Assistant Professor, Dept. of professional Communication

Treasurer: Mr. Kamal Upadhyay, Assistant Professor, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication



Media& Communication played a paramount role in disseminating information about Covid-19. The media’s role became more prominent/ dominant in a sense that corona virus was not confined to a particular region/ nation but it transcended across the globe affecting the mankind all over. Its debilitating impact was felt in every home all across the planet earth.

In such a situation media played a vital role in dispersing information about it vis a vis creating awareness about how diverse nations and diverse systems of governance dealt with it. Rightly described as ‘Pandemic’ the Covid-19 impacted one and all—the Communist China as much as democratic Europe and America and many parts of Southern Asia including India apart from the totalitarian regimes of Middle East and Eastern Europe.

The systems of governance effectively under the siege of the Covid holocaust are as much huffing and puffing to justify themselves as much the virus infected people to survive. The unprecedented chaos caused by the virus created enormous confusion. While the governments tried to conceal real statistics related to deaths and vaccination, the media too became party to misinformation in certain instances and vehicle to transport the fake/unverified news.

Since, the spell of Pandemic is still prevailing, fundamental necessity requires a systematic and empirical data based study to churn out the facts that could be of lasting value and serve the critical assessment of the enormity of the damage it has caused and is still causing to the humanity. This conference will aim at studying and deliberating on the role of media in reporting the science of vaccination being accepted as an eventual panacea to the people falling prey to the disease.

The conference also aims at studying the role of media in bringing out the collateral damage caused by Covid-19 on the economy, infrastructure, education, employment, societal norms and values apart from the general health.


  1. Role of Global media during the Covid-19pandemic.
  2. Approach of regional media during Covid-19
  3. Fair/Unjust coverage of the issue by Indian media.
  4. Misinformation and fake news in the context of Covid-19
  5. Source of misinformation
  6. Social unrest caused by communication/miscommunication.
  7. The authenticity of the social media vis a vis spread of Covid-19
  8. Communication a guiding/misguiding tool in the pandemic.
  9. Health Communication – Opportunity, Challenge and Future.
  10. Lesson learnt from Covid-19
  11. Need of academic studies on the issue.
  12. Communication tools adopted during this period.
  13. Role of media in building the infrastructure for dealing with the Pandemic.
  14. Evolving media mechanism to deal with Pandemic.
  15. Direct/Indirect communication
  16. Communication between government & communication professionals on Covid-19

Submission Guidelines of abstracts: Read the submission rules before submitting an abstract.

  1. Abstracts must be submitted on the email address:
  2. Submitted abstracts should include non- published data.
  3. Abstracts must be allocated to a specific theme/ sub-themes mentioned in the concept note.
  4. Its title should be limited to 20 words whereas the abstract text should be limited to 250 words.
  5. Abstracts must be submitted with a proper layout including objectives, methods, results and conclusions.
  6. Abstract should include the title, author’s name, designation, institutional affiliation, contact number and email address.
  7. The Committee will review all the submitted abstracts and the notification regarding acceptance will be sent on the email address of the submitting author so as to send the full length paper.
  8. Abstract and full length paper can be written both in English/ Hindi Language as per the author’s choice.
  9. Thefull length paper including tables, diagrams, illustrations, references, etc. should not exceed 5000 words. They should be typed in MS-Word with Times New Roman 12 for English and Kruti Dev 010 font in 14 size for Hindi with 1.5 lining space. Bibliographical references should be in the APA format.
  10. The selected papers will be published in a reputed UGC listed Journal/ Edited volume with ISBN number.

Conference Patrons:

Honorable Shri K.K. Gautam(Patron)

Honorable Dr. Umesh Gautam (Chancellor)

Honorable Ms. Sonal Gautam (Executive Chairperson)

Prof. YDS Arya (Vice-Chancellor)

Shri L.P.Mishra (Director Administration)

Prof. R.K. Shukla (Dean, Faculty of Engineering& Technology)

Prof. Manish Gupta (Dean, Faculty of Management)

Prof P.P. Singh (Dean, Faculty of Science& Dean Student Welfare)

Prof. Jitendra Nath Srivastva (Chief Proctor)

Mr. Santosh Kumar (Registrar)


Conference Advisory Committee:

Prof. A.B. Kafaltia, Faculty of legal studies

Prof. Nalin Verma, Dept. of Journalism & Mass Communication

Dr. Arvind Kumar Shukla, Associate Professor


 Registration Link: Google form Link


No Registration Fee

Publication: Selected papers will be published in UGC listed Journal and Edited Book




Organising Committee:

  1. Registration – Ms. Nasreen Javed
  2. Designing and Printing - Mr. Kamal Upadhyay & Mr. Akshay mani
  3. Media coverage and promotion - Mr. Sandeep Abhishek and JMC students
  4. Compeering - Mr. Appras Vilies and Mr. Sandeep Abhishek
  5. Technical support - Mr. Suhail Javed
  6. Certifications - Mr. Rakesh Kumar
  7. Invitation and correspondence - Ms. Bushra Khannum
  8. Abstract review – Prof. Nalin Verma, Ms. Asha Sharma and Mr. Amritansh Mishra
  9. Publication – Ms. Asha Sharma & Mr. Rakesh Kumar
  10. Souvenir: Mr. Rakesh Kumar
  11. Social Media: Ms. Aishwarya Sethi  and MARCOM



Proposed Speakers:


Name of Guest


Invited as

Email Address



Prof. K.G. Suresh

Vice Chancellor, Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication,  Bhopal

Chief Guest


Prof. Dr. Arun Kumar Bhagat

Member, Bihar Public Service commission (BPSC)

Guest Speaker


Prof. Dr. Raghuvendra Mishra

HOD, DJMC, Indira Gandhi National Tribal University (IGNTU), Amarkantak

Guest Speaker


Mr. Venkiteshramakrishnan

Political Editor, Bureau Chief Frontline & The Hindu

Guest of Honor



Dr. Shakeel

Convener, Jan Swasthy Abhiyan, General Secretary, Indian Doctors for peace & development, Bihar

Key note speaker



Sandeep Kumar Dhanda

Research Scientist, United States of America, Translation Bioinformatics

International speaker


Sanjay Kumar

Assistant Director, Press Information bureau (PIB) Patna

Special Guest


Swayam Prakash

Editor, Zee, Bihar Jharkhand

Special Guest



Contact Info: 

Conference Convener:                                                  Conference Co- Convener:

 Mr. Amritansh Mishra                                                  Ms. Asha Sharma
+91-7217011257 /9997779184                                       +91-721170758, 9410200336