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  • Date

    16 Jun 2020

  • Duration

    1 Day

  • Duration

    7 hrs

Event Description


Welcoming of academicians by Dr. Rubina Verma


  1. Prof. YDS Arya (Vice Chancellor)

“In these times when people are facing depression and there is unrest in the society, there is a need to guide each other and extend help.”


  1. Dr. R.D Sharma

“COVID-19 has both good and bad impacts. There is an improvement in technology, increase in e-learning materials but on the other hand qualitative education will go down.”


  1. Dr. Manish Gupta (Dean, Management)

“In these times of crisis there is no distinction between rich and poor. Talking about the industries sales and profit has gone down. But there are two sides of the impacts of COVID-19 i.e. positive and negative. Few industries are reaching heights whereas others are badly effected like retail and travel industries. A survey in 2017 revealed that in 2030 20% of the workforce need to change their occupation but due to this pandemic it has been preponed 10 years earlier.”


  1. Dr. Naishadh V. Desai

“Everyone is struggling during this time. But COVID-19 will impact more of the low income level ones who might loose their jobs. It is a matter of serious concern that students graduating this year will have to face a lot of struggle. Talking about the business sector few industries are doing great profit by launching new products.”


  1. Prof. J.N. Srivastava (Chief Proctor)

“This is an alarming situation with daily increasement of new cases and death rate. No sector is untouched with the impact of COVID-19 with GDP declining day by day. Although implementing advance strategies might help to cope up in this economic crisis.”


  1. Dr. Mohammed Z. Shariff

“To look on with academic perspective number of students taking enrollment this year will rise. In these times we need to prepare ourselves to handle any future situation and move forward.”


  1. Dr. P.P. Singh (Dean, Applied Sciences)

“COVID-19 has given rise to blended learning. One of its positive impact is the improvement in learning materials. There is an impressive rise in collaborative works. New platforms have been introduced in education industry for improvement.”


  1. Dr. Colin Pillay

“If we look back to the history, we’ll find people combatting depression in world wars. The need of the hour is to create future business leaders who are flexible enough to come up with solutions with their leadership skills. One of the impact of COVID-19 is that education is suffering because values are not achieved in online learning thus universities need to redefine their role.”


  1. Dr. Shaileswar Ghosh (HOD, MBA)

“Recovery of world economy will take 3-4 years. We cannot predict how long it will take to vanquish the disease. Every area is worstly affected with COVID-19. Though we need to implement the model of – Observe- Orient- Decide- Act. We all together need to fight against the situation.


  1. Dr. Curtis Dean

“COVID-19 has impacted the whole planet with lives losts and destruction in every sector. It has positive and negative sides as well. The need of the hour is to establish new norms for future livelihood and situations.”


  1. Dr. Ravi Deval (HOD Biotechnology)

“COVID-19 virus belongs to a retro virus family showing discriminations amongst the people affected. It has been seen that women are more prone to COVID-19 as they are less exposed to the outside environment . As per a survey it has been observed that when 70% of the population becomes infected with any virus then that virus starts losing its effect.”


  1. Dr. Sharvari Desai

“People are facing mental health challenges with sense of isolation and anxiety. COVID-19 has positive and negative impacts as already said. One of its positive side is that environment is much clean, and sky is clear with decrease in pollution and therefore global warming has also been reduced. But it has worstly affected the lives of the people with destruction in every sector like tourism, automobile industries etc.


  1. Dr. Rubina Verma (HOD Professional Communication)

“The situation is temporary though and together we can fight this crisis. It is a fact that we need to learn with the virus and build our life and move ahead with activities by ensuring safety measures and hygiene.”


The COVID -19 pandemic has spread with alarming speed infecting the life of millions of people across the globe. In this time of upheaval, we are keeping kindness and humanity by seeing new depth and dimensions in our International Collaborations. Our Institutes are committed and working for socio- academic  excellence while adopting ourselves with the changing scenario. 

With the flashes of hope and positivity, we welcome the presence of esteemed academicians from different countries to share their knowledge on " COVID -19 and Its Impact." 

Panel Discussion on  JUNE 15, 2020 at 6.00 am (USA) / 3:30 pm (INDIA ) through Video Conference.

Rubina Verma is invited : 

Topic: COVID-19 and Its Impact

Time: Jun 15, 2020, 03:30 PM Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi