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Guest Lecture - Analysing Company Financial Statement by Mr. Himanshu

  • Date

    15 Feb 2020

  • Duration

    1 Day

  • Duration

    7 hrs

Event Description


With a view to provide exposure to the students in the area of financial markets, Department of BBA & B.COM, organized a guest lecture through video conferencing on “Analyzing
Company’s Financial Statement” on 15 th February, 2020. The lecture was delivered by Mr. Himanshu Arora (Research Analyst and Stock Market Expert) from Bombay Stock Exchange
Institute Ltd. The lecture was basically focused on the techniques of analyzing various financial statements of the company. Financial statements are reports prepared by a company's management to present the financial performance and position at a point in time. A general-purpose set of financial statements usually includes a balance sheet, income statements,statement of owner’s equity and statement of cash flows. He conducted an activity based case study by analyzing financial position of various companies. He also discussed topics related to investment and savings, commodity market, currency market, equity market and union budget in brief.
He also discussed the basic concepts of equity market. Equity markets are the meeting point for buyers and sellers of stocks. The securities traded in the equity market can either be public stocks, which are those listed on the stock exchange, or privately traded stocks. We extend our deep gratitude to Mr. Himanshu Arora who really made the students aware of the
practical applicability in analyzing company’s financial statements. The lecture proved to be fruitful under the guidance of Prof. YDS Arya (Vice Chancellor), Dr. Manish Gupta (Dean
Management), Dr. Dheeraj Gandhi (Convener & HOD, BBA & B.COM), Ms. Shweta (Co-Convener), Dr. Hitendra Shukla, Mr. Saurabh Kumar, Ms. Ruchi Rastogi, Mr. Manmohan
Bansal, Mr. Nitin Sareen and other department faculty members.


BBAB.COM Department is organizing Guest Lecture Through Video Conferencing on "Analysing Company's Financial Statement" by Mr. Himanshu Arora (Research Analyst and Stock Market Expert) from BSE Institute Ltd., New Delhi for all the students of B.COM(H) in Financial Market.

Date:   15th February 2020

Time:   9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Venue: Seminar Hall No.1