Invertis University

Vission and Mission

Dedicated to develop conceptual and analytical skills

Vision and Mission


To groom professionals of caliber and competence who will bring about a qualitative change to the society through their contributions.


To provide quality education for all deserving students sans caste, creed gender or money and present a real projection of education as a guiding torch for the development of human society.

The Heritage

Invertis started its journey 18 years ago in 1998 with 83 students and one institute namely, Invertis Institute of Management Studies. Today,it stands as a full-fledged University with 8 institutes to its credit under the patronage of its name and offering a range of graduate and post graduate programmes varying from management, Engineering, pharmacy to education and social sciences with the use of state of the art technology and a team of dedicated faculty, staff members.

University formerly established as Invertis Institute of Management Studies (IIMS) in 1998 in Bareilly. Invertis University pioneered the concept of holistic development of students, getting them out of their traditional belief of textbook environment to an all-round approach to learning. It stems from the old management concept of “Keep your feet warm, back straight and a cool head”. The warmth is of the faculty members who foster knowledge and acknowledge students who do well not only in classes but also excel outside the campus in various National and International Competitions. The back bone is the management and alumni of the college who are providing pathways for students long after their studies through placements and training. The cool head is the leadership of Mr. Umesh Gautam, the chancellor of the University whose relentless efforts have made the Institute reach newer pinnacles every moment.

The Philosophy

Invertis is dedicated to uphold the following objectives :

  • To develop conceptual and analytical skills in all functional areas of Management, Information Technology and Engineering.
  • To encourage understanding of the strategic perception of the fast changing global business scenario.
  • To develop the ability to understand and apply multi-dimensional approach to achieve the overall mission of the organization.
  • To develop the ability of self-assessment and motivate others in achieving organizational objectives.
  • To develop skills in problem identification and analysis.
  • To impart ethical and moral values for social well-being.
  • To prepare students for their career of leadership, and innovation in the field of Management, and Engineering.
  • To expand the base of engineering education through research and by developing technology to serve the needs of society.
  • To benefit the public through service to industry, government, and the engineering profession.
  • To impart advanced technical knowledge for the total upliftment of society in general, and rural masses in particular, by retaining their cultural identity.
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